[X] Mp3Tag Locks up on Vista

I had Mp3tag ver 2.41 installed and had been using it for a couple of weeks. Yesterday I tried to open the application and the computer locked up. I could not even use ctrl-alt-del and had to force the computer to shut down by holding the power switch.

Mp3tag didn't open at all. It was as if I hadn't started it. Except, of course, for the fact that my computer wouldn't function after that. I uninstalled mp3tag, downloaded again and reinstalled. Same problem.

I really like the program and hope I can somehow getting working again.

I don't have this problem. What OS are you using? Also, most of the time, complete freezes and blue screens are caused by hardware and driver problems, in very few cases by software. Is there any device that you don't have drivers installed for (you can check in the device manager)? Does the event log say anything (if you tell me which OS you are on I could tell you how to check in case you don't know)?

Edit: Sorry, just read the text and didn't notice the title. You find the event log in the Control Panel under System and Administration (I gues that is what it's called in English). Maybe you find something under Critical or Error there.

I ran checkdisk on my C drive, restarted my computer, downloaded the Mp3Tag program again and still the same problem. There were no Critical items in the Event log. The only recent Error item said:

"The following boot-start or system-start driver(s) failed to load:

Would this error have anything to do with Mp3Tag?

Looked the Problem History in Vista and the info below was noted. Does this help diagnose my problem?


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Your crash report belongs to some other product.
Here we are talking about Mp3tag by Florian Heidenreich.


My apologies....I'm not sure what I've done but I just reinstalled and now the program opens again. I did install a couple of Windows Updates so perhaps that resolved the issue.

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