[X] MP3Tag not detecting/removing Cover that may be Hidden or Protected?

Hey Guys,

I downloaded an MP3 song and wanted to remove its meta data, including Cover Art. But MP3Tag seems not to be able to detect the cover. When I play the song with Windows Media Player or VLC media player, both show the same original cover.

After adding a new cover in MP3tag, it detects the newly added one but it comes to playback again, it shows the original wrong one. Perhaps it is hidden or protected or MP3tag has got a bug in this matter?


Brian Miller

or perhaps

and have an old and not updated database and that looks like a bug?

For WMP you have to update the file folder.jpg in the folder of the updated files to see an updated image.
You can export the image with an action in MP3tag: Export image. Enter "folder" as format string.
VLC can also have a database - update that as well.

First of all, the song was downloaded without a folder, and secondly, with Windows 10 hidden files displayed, there still is no file called 'folder.jpg'.

On top of that, I added a cover to the song which MP3tag is able to detect when I reload the song back in BUT no matter which media player, the cover STAYS the FIRST one.

I already tried to find an option in WMP to update a file's 'current' cover or anything but without any success.

Perhaps you have to help WMP a little bit.
Delete the folder %localappdata%\Microsoft\Media Player\Grafikcache
and see if WMP now updates the image.

Here is a thread on problems with VLC player:

Thank you for the advice concerning the folder but I'm afraid WMP is still acting as before although I deleted it.

I did an experiment: I downloaded another song from the same site and copied it without playing it with anything. Then I opened both via MP3tag and deleted the tags from one file and added a new cover to the copy.

The result is that both files - even though they have different names - show the EXACT SAME cover in WMP. The copy with the newly added cover ALSO displays the original cover like the other file.

How can this be? Is it possible that there now is another method to embed a cover into an mp3, that MP3tag does not know about yet?

You reported a bug in MP3tag.
Yet, MP3tag shows all the data that you expect.
It deletes covers, it embeds new ones, it updates tags. So I would say that MP3tag has no bug.
I share your suspicion that there must be some other source for the displayed image - but now you should look at the features of your test environment.
E.g. WMP can download further information from the internet. Have you blocked this in WMP and preferably in your firewall so that this can be ruled out or is WMP playing tricks on you?
What do other programs show e.g. foobar2000? The image that WMP likes or the one that MP3tags shows?
What you could also test: are your files ok? What do mp3val and mp3diags say about them? Could it be that you have stacked tags?
Or what you could also do: save the tags as V2.4 tags - WMP cannot deal with them. So the display in WMP should remain empty if you see the update information. If you still see more than the filename, then you see an echo from the database.

And a personal note: it is neither necessary to use bold type nor capitals to describe your findings.

Hi Brian,

The file you've linked above contains exactly one cover. The cover is located in an ID3v2 APIC frame, which is how album art is stored in MP3 files.

I've looked at your file in both Mp3tag and VLC and both show the same cover.

So far it looks not like a bug in Mp3tag, but as ohrenkino pointed out, some kind of caching issue you have with the other programs you're using.

I tried out foobar2000 and it just displays one cover - the correct one unlike wmp.

So I had Clean Master running and clearing all caches. Now the problem is finally gone in both vlc and wmp.

Thanks a lot to both of you.

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