[X] MP3TAG not reading tags

MP3tag has stopped reading some tags.
Here is the explorer view and the MP3tag view.
If I take an untagged MP3 and enter the tag using Windows 7
MP3tag also 'seems to knows' there are tags there because it will not write to the files unless the tags are cleared first.

Windows 7 pro, SP1 64 bit

MP3tag v2.49b

Mpeg Options are
Read ID3v1 ID3v2 APE
Write ID3v2 - ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1
Remove IDv31 APE

If I clear the tags then I can write them and MP3tag can read them
Any ideas?

Untick the "Read APE" button - or cut and paste all tags. It looks as though you have (empty) APE tags in your files. APE overrules MP3 tags.
(Unfortunately is the screendump missing out the part where mp3tag's column shows the tag versions of the file).

It always helps opening "View > Extended Tags" [Alt+T] to see all supported tags.

Hi Orenkino, Dano

Thanks a million you got it
it's the blank APE tags, though it seems you have to shut MP3tag down after unticking the "Read APE" for it to become effective.

MP3tags is now back to behaving normally (without read APE selected), and the tag field shows IB3v2.3(IDV3v1 ID3v2.3).

I was using copies so it didn't matter but -
Much to my chagrin :w00t: copying the empty tag fields and pasting them back

  • pasted empty tags.

Thanks for the help


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