[X] Mp3tag removes Album Art


a while ago I've lost all my album art, because I used mp3Tag's extended tags dialog where I chose to remove 2 values out of an ID3v2 tag. I never selected that I want to get rid of the album-art as well. Is this supposed to be that way?


Are you sure Mp3tag removed the covers? Maybe it only switched the tag to ID3v2.4 and the program you were using for displaying such covers didn't support ID3v2.4.
If the cover was indeed removed, what version of Mp3tag were you using and which tag did you use (APEv2 or ID3v2)?


I used mp3Tag 2.36.
The files were tagged using ID3v2 + APE, however, I had mp3Tag to only displayed the ID3v2 tags. I removed some fields of the ID3v2 tag on several files at the same time though.

Is the cover art still displayed at Mp3tag's extended tag dialog? If so, you're currently writing ID3v2.4 tags ro your files while your external application doesn't support these tags. Just enable ID3v2.3 at Options > Tags > Mpeg and re-save the ID3v2 tags.

no they are not.

Sorry, but I can't help you there - everything works fine when I try it here.

Maybe I can reproduce the issue, when you provide step by step instructions and test files.

ok, here is what I did (just tried it again):

Take a look at the screenshot. Those are the settings I used.

Use a file that doesn't contain any typ of tags. Add some title information and artist along with some Album-Art. Do this for at least 2 files individually. Then, select those files and go to the extended tag dialog. Select to delete the title of all the songs selected. Click ok. Now all the titles are removed, but the album-art is gone as well.


If you write both ID3v2 and APE tags and also have enabled reading of APE then the APE is read at first.
And Mp3tag only displays one tag type and since there is no cover stored in the APE tag you won't see the cover anymore.

You need to disable the reading of APE tags.

well, that might be a work around, but even if mp3Tag only reads the APE tag, why does it delete something out of an ID3-tag when only told to delete the title?

It doesn't delete it, Mp3tag displays only the APEv2 tag which does not contain the cover art. If you tell Mp3tag not to read the APEv2 tag, it will read the ID3v2 tag which should contain the cover.

Correct answer:
When you save the tags, the tag types are synchronised from the tag type that is currently read.
So the ID3v2 gets the tag infos from the APE tag and this one has no cover!

I think, Mp3tag needs a basic re-design on handling tags stored in different tagformats.
The priority of APE tags that covers other tagformats, leads to totally weird situations ever and ever.
I remember, to understand this behaviour was my first steap learning curve in Mo3tag.

Because APE tags and ID3 tags and other tagformats may reside side by side in an audiofile, I would like to see and manipulate each tag side by side in the same Mp3tag grid view.

Spoken for ID3 I would like to see and manipulate ID3v1 tags and ID3v2 tags side by side in the same gridview to manipulate those fields separately from each other in full control by the Mp3Tag scripting language and formatting tools. This needs to implement user variables bounded to each format e.g. ID3V1_TITLE and ID3V2_TITLE and APE_TITLE and so on.

If Mp3tag can reach this level of object oriented and structured access it would be really the one and only cross platform tagger I would like to use.


Mp3tag is a Windows program only, so you cannot really talk about cross platforms.

As for what dano said, I find it weird that Mp3tag synchronises the tags only when adding or removing fields. If you change an existing field, the tag doesn't get removed. I think the same thing should happen regardless of the operation. Example:

Take a file without tags. Configure Mp3tag to read and write ID3v2 and APEv2 tags. Add a title, an artist and a cover. If you view the file now, you won't see the cover because it's not in the APEv2 tag. Now disable reading APEv2 tags and view the tags again - the cover is there. Now switch writing of APEv2 tags back to on and modify the title. The new title gets written to ID3v2 and APEv2 tag, but the picture inside the ID3v2 tag is still there. If you, instead of modifying an existing field, add a new one like album and then save, the cover also gets removed from the ID3v2 tag.

Well, I wanted to say cross tagformat specifications.


so it is not considered a bug according to the thread title...oh well...

Well, I wouldn't call it a bug, but a limitation of the feature or a feature that some users don't like (synchronisation of tags). :slight_smile:

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