[X] MP3Tag Reports Wrong Bitrate & Frequency

Hi Florian,

I just found out that "MP3Tag 2.43" reported the Wrong Bitrate and Frequency for 2 of my MP3 clips in an album! Mp3Tag reported a 96Kbps with 32000Hz.

I tested the 2 clips in "Gold Wave Editor Pro 10.2.2" and Gold Wave reported Correctly that my clips are in fact 192Kbps with 44100Hz.

I was wondering if anybody else has experienced this and reported it.


G! :slight_smile:

Yes - I'd this problem with 2.42 - other software displays it correctly - only mp3tag.de displayed it wrong (and maybe still shows it wrong for me too - when you have the problem with 2.43 ...).

See my report here: /t/7391/1

Hi Pueblo,

Thanks for your reply!

Paeblo ... You are way over my expertise ... I saw your post and analyzing the Headers & so forth ... I am more of "Click & Go" type of a person ... bascially a Newbie who knows enough to get by and Be Dangerous to Myself and my laptop! :laughing:

Thanks again for the info ... I guess let's hope Florian will go after this ... if in fact is a Bug!

G! :slight_smile:

I just had a similar issue via email where the file contained multiple ID3v2 tags (written by a buggy ID3v2 writer).

After removing all tags by using [Ctrl+R] several times, the files are displayed correctly. Maybe this helps?

Another fix that often works is using foobar2000's Utils > Rebuild MP3 Stream from the context menu.

Hi Florian,

Welcome back from your Vacation.

THANKS for your replies. I'll try your solutions ... I am sure it will work!

Looks like I need to get on the band wagon of Foobar and install it and start getting used to it.

Have a Great Day!

G! :slight_smile:

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