[X] Mp3tag screws up my Windows GUI

Okay...this has been happening recently. When I run mp3tag, it screws my whole windows GUI up a lot of times. Opening folders either don't appear, or appear buggy. Then I have to restart my computer so it wont happen anymore.

In fact, I'm going to screw my GUI up again to get a screenshot.

...hmm. Whadaya know, it's not happening anymore. I'm sure it will happen again when I least expect it. I'm going to give a fake screenshot example of what could happen.

I can open a folder like My Music, then it might come up like this if at all. I also tried using the standard blue XP theme since I'm using a custom theme. I get the same result.

This is nothing Mp3tag is doing or can do to your system.

You don't believe me?

No, I think you've misunderstood me. I have no doubts in that your system is showing this behaviour, I simply don't think that Mp3tag is to blame for that.

maybe a problem with the non-ms visual style and/or the patched uxtheme.dll.

just change the vs and see if it's ok.

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