[X] MP3Tag v2.41 not exiting correctly

When I exit MP3Tag v2.41, via File/Exit, the application does not terminate -- it is visible via TaskManager.

If I happen to start MP3Tag again, I get an error message. The only way around that is to manually terminate MP3Tag via TaskManager, and then start it again.

This bug is reproducible.

I am running WinXP SP3.



I cannot reproduce it. I use XP SP3.

Now, I meet a similar problem.
If I use the Action Format value to rename %_directory% from Q:\Folder1 to D:\Folder2 (different drives), MP3Tag seems like working, but do nothing after moving only one file. I am unable to terminate the program in Task Manager.

I will do some tests...


The problem occurs, if I try to move files between different drives:

Cancel button works, but I cannot exit program (for example) - everything greyed:

And Windows cannot stop it (via Task Manager):

However, rarely the move works...

No word to the thread ... but there is a small language translation gap.


The window 'Áthelyezés' is the standard Windows XP (Hun) popup window, and means Moving (I don't know the correct English version, I've never use English XP), this window appears when you move files in Windows Explorer. Sorry. I forgot to translate it.

Anyway, the only way to restart the program is restarting Windows XP.
However if I don't try to stop MP3Tag in the Task Manager, Windows doesn't allow to log off, saying 'A file operation is in progress, stop all applications'. But if I try to stop MP3Tag in Task Manager, logging off is OK, in spite of MP3Tag is in the list of TM.

Does this happen when moving files from Mp3tag or in Windows Explorer. Can you give me some steps to reproduce?


I open a directory Exp2 containing some FLAC files at drive D:.

Quick action: Format value
Format string: Q:\Ext2

The Moving... popup only appears, if the directory and file exists in drive Q:. I am asked to overwrite it, I press OK, the moving window appears, and ... I have to restart Windows.

If directory doesn't exist, the moving window doesn't appear, but MP3Tag became unusable (it doesn't crash, because I can resize, move the window, use the cancel button, but I cannot close it - and almost everything is greyed in the menu).

There is no problem moving I mean copying files by drag-and-drop from MP3Tag Window to an explorer window, or moving files between to explorer windows.

An idea:
MP3Tag copies only the first file before stop working. Maybe the problem is to delete the file from the original folder???

Unfortunately, I still can't reproduce the issue. It works perfectly fine on my side.

Any ideas? Anyone else can reproduce it?

Cannot confirm.

But I want to mention to make SURE that the moving procedure should not be invoked while Mp3tag's working folder is the same as it's home install folder.

Having a test mp3 file in Mp3tag's install folder and invoking the above quick action leaves only Mp3tag.exe and the tak_deco_lib.dll alone in the install folder, all other files and subfolder were moved to the new target folder (which has been automatically created on the other drive).


I am not a programmer, so I cannot find what the problem is. It is very strange, the above script works moving files from drive Q to D, but fails moving files from drive D to Q. D is the second partition of a SATA drive, Q is the second partition of an IDE drive. As I say there is no problem in other file operating software.

Well, it looks like I have a personal bug. :flushed: :smiley:

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