[X] Mp3tag Window Flashes Every 20 Seconds

Hello folks,

I am faced with a very annoying problem on version 2.64a on Vista Home Basic. Every 20 seconds the Mp3Tag window flashes (redraws) briefly, although the file list is not refreshed. This happens even when I am doing nothing at all on the PC. For example, it happens when I am looking up data in a printed discography. The entire Mp3Tag window darkens suddenly, then brightens. This happens regardless of whether Mp3tag has the focus or not. To reproduce the problem, I have only to open Mp3tag and wait 20 seconds.

No other application does this and closing other applications has no effect. I even tried disabling my antivirus and Windows indexing, to no avail. The flashing is so distracting that it sometimes causes me to to lose my place in the discography.

Until lately, I had not used Mp3Tag for quite a while and so am not sure in which version the trouble began. However, I never saw this problem before and have been using Mp3tag very happily for many years. Is there a remedy or is this a bug?

I just checked that on 2 different old and slow PCs but with Vista on them:
I loaded the same number of files (1366) and checked the behaviour.
I can not confirm that MP3tag does anything strange. No flashing, nothing.
I also watched the task manager and the CPU load: without anythin to do, MP3tag just sits there, claims the same amount of memory and gobbles up 0% of CPU time...

Have you recently installed an application that appears in the task bar? And do you hide inactive symbols?
It could be that the attempt to update something (like a ping on the network) causes the brief interruption.

Ohrenkino, that was a good idea. I have a desktop photo display app called Gaia. If I unload it, the Mp3Tag redraws stop.

However, a mystery remains: why is Mp3Tag the only application that is affected? I tried more applications of many types, including browsers, mail programs, spreadsheets, word processors and so on. Only Mp3Tag windows are affected. So, as far as I am concerned this is a bug, although perhaps it would be more accurate to call it a "vulnerability".

Thank you very much for your help!

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