[X] mp3Tag2.35p bugs


Column "Image" displays an existing tag bug

adding a column "Image Count" in the column field in File View

in the image shows the file view with the song highlighted. it shows there's an existing cover tag in the song.

while you check the Extended Tag of the song [shown in next image], it shows nothing existing.

checked also with other Tag Editor and viewers, it reports that the song really has no existing cover tag.

bug is also seen in mp3Tag v2.35o.
to check the bug preview:

File View - Duplicate Column allowed

the file view allows duplicate columns.

Column Name: Copyright
Field Tag: %copyright%

[added column]
Column Name: Copyright
Field Tag: %copyright%


allowed...and produces duplicate columns
Winamp bug
Jump To File - Enqueue & Play bug

when Enqueue & Play of Jump To File has been set as the default open action for Winamp, opening more than two files from Windows Explorer could cause opening of multiple instances of Winamp, each has one song from the playlist and playing all at the same time. Causing slowdowns and tremendous memory and CPU usage. Could also freeze the system for a very long time.

  1. Has been reported before in the German forums: /t/3305/1

  2. Not a bug.

  3. How is this supposed to be an MP3Tag bug?

oops..sorry..i was suppose to submit that on the Winamp bug forums...you knwo i'm very active on checking bugs...i love that... ^_^

  1. Your ID3v2 tags have an invalid APIC frame which was truncated by a broken tagger/player/whatever.

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