[X] Mp3tagError.log bug in Mp3tag v.2.45a

Running Windows 7 Ultimate with Mp3tag v2.45a and now I get an error log file every time I run the new version:

Seems to be the error is:

Unbekannte Windows-Version

Google Translate tells me that this means unknown Windows version. Mp3tag isn't aware of Windows 7 yet?

This file is created on each start of Mp3tag. Do you actually get an error message or are you reporting the creation of the file?


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I don't receive any error messages. I just noticed that the error log was being produced with an "Unknown version of Windows" message. I never noticed that file being created before so maybe the problem is with me not noticing that file being created before now.

(I just thought an error log would only be created if there was an actual error & Windows 7 has been out long enough that Mp3tag should recognize the reported OS being Windows 7 as not being an error.)

OK, so it's not an error. The log file is created on each startup since the very first release of Mp3tag and is not due to Windows 7 not being detected.

But you're right: Windows 7 should be reported as such and I'll change that to the next release.

Awesome, Florian. You're doing good work with this program.

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