[X] MP4-AAC Tag - Tempo defaulted to BPM?

I am hoping you can help me out with a minor problem regarding the Mp3 Tagger software. My company is using the software for a database project and everything seems to be working great. Although there is one dilemma-

We created an Extended Tag- “TEMPO”, and use the option tags of “Slow”, Mid-tempo” or “Up-tempo” to fill this field. The edit works for all codecs except MPEG4 or AAC files. In these cases, when editing the TEMPO tag, and clicking OK to save edits- the software automatically defaults the tempo to the BPM field and does not save the tempo tag either.

If there is a way to correct this problem, I would appreciate your response at your earliest convenience.


Hello Tom,

the TEMPO field corresponds to the tmpo MP4 atom which is used to save the BPM value for MP4 files. It is saved as tmpo atom but displayed as BPM field after saving.

This is not a bug -- it's simply a matter of mapping names to internal representations of these names in the tag.

If you want to use a user-defined tag field why not simply use something which does not show this behaviour, e.g., MYTEMPO?

Kind regards,

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