[X] MPEG Layer Infos different (bitrate duration samplerate)

in the attachment is a screenshot that shows the mp3 file info in the windows explorer, the MPlayer-Clipinfo and in the mp3tag v2.40.
i try also the 2.40d beta and there it is the same.

mp3tag Infos

MPEG 2.5 Layer I
Version: MPEG 2.5 Layer I
Bitrate: 112
Frequenz: 12000
Mode: Dual Channel
Länge: 11:44 (704)

mplayer infos

Decoder MPEG layer-2, layer-3
Codec mp3lib MPEG layer-2, layer-3
Bitrate 128 kbps
Sample Rate 44100 Hz
Channels 2

Thanks in advance
Uwe Cramer

Can you please send me the file for analysing the issue?

Hello Florian,
i send it per mail.

Hello Florian!

I discovered the same problem, even with the older version 2.39 but with the newest too.

While Windows XP and other programs like IrfanView show me e.g. a bitrate of 128 kBit and sample rate of 44100 as i expected, mp3tag shows different values.

I "convert" audiobooks i bought on audible by rerecording them with 128 kbit / 44100 khz to make them available on a normal audio cd for personally use only.

After splitting the big mp3 file into chapters with audiobook cutter, i want to use mp3tag to tag the chapter files with the common and file specific information i want to have them.

Whilst the big file and therefor all files are recorded with the same bitrate and sample rate, mp3tag shows me "funny" values of the chapter files. The length of the files is calculated wrong in addition, but i think this bases on the wrong bitrate/sample rate.

If you need additional informations or a sample file, let me know. I just want to show you, that not only one user has this problem.


Both problems are most likely to be caused by erroneous/missing VBR headers or invalid MPEG header information.

Please try to run 'Fix MP3 VBR header' and/or 'Rebuild MP3 stream' from foobar2000's right-click menu.

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