[X] Music cover

Mp3tag stable 2.83 version and higher does not see the music cover in some files.
Although Windows and the players see the cover.

Link to file:
Password: "mp3tagbug"

What do you mean by "Windows sees the cover" - what does in MP3tag a filter like
%_covers% MISSING
What kind of tag versions are in the files?
What kind of files are we talking about?
As you mention "2.83 and higher": is this a recent problem with new files or does it apply to all files and if it happens with all files: with which version did you have no problems?

I've noticed his too. It seems to be related to picture size. Anything bigger than roughly 800x800 pixels will get ignored and erased if you change any other tag. I've noticed this problem about 6 versions ago but always thought it was intentional

I cannot confirm this.
I just embedded a picture with the dimensions 6000*4000 pixel and 8MB size and it shows just fine.
I then editted a field and saved the changes and the picture is still there.
So you have to tell us which program shows the pictures and which does not and whether the pictures are actually embedded or just in the file system or the player's database.

It has nothing to do with the image size. The referenced file shows "!BAD ID3v2" in Mp3tag, which is usually a sign that something in the tags is not as it should be.

In this case the undocumented iTunes ID3v2 frame for the Podcast URL (WFED) was written as URL frame (without encoding) instead of as a text frame (with encoding). Since this field is nowhere officially documented, I'm not sure whether it also can be used in such a way.

Kind regards
– Florian

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