[X] Need to uninstall 2.39h before upgrading

Maybe not a bug but just a warning -

If you upgrade over the top of 2.39h BAND should have replaced ALBUMARTIST, but it does not appear in the field lists for tag panel, extended tags or filter. Instead ALBUMARTIST is still in the lists and maps to a TXXX tag field. There is nothing mapped to TPE2.

You need to uninstall 2.39h to force a rewrite of mp3tag.cfg

You can also just remove ALBUMARTIST via [Shift+Del] and add BAND at the Edit field dialog of the extended tags dialog.

Not a bug, only a side-effect of a beta version that can't be changed anymore.

OK thanks

  1. I can add user-defined tag fields ok but cannot delete them. They are deleted from the file but they are still present in the drop down lists. This is with Shift-Del also. Is this correct? How can I remove them altogether? Where exactly should I be pressing Shift-Del?

  2. The filter list is not updated when you add a new field but the other lists are. Can the filter list be updated at the same time without restarting?

  3. Documentation typo - Under "Menu View" it says "Tags..." where it should say "Extended Tags..."

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