[X] No artist/title tags displayed if empty APE-tag is being read next to ID3v2


This afternoon I noticed something weird. When I had Mp3tag load all of my (to mp3) ripped cd's about one 3rd showed empty title and artist tags (those are the only 2 tags I use). After checking with WinAmp I noticed that the files that did not seem to have contents in those tags actually did have an ID3v2 tag with the artist and title in it.

So I kept looking and I found the cause of this weird issue. I've set Mp3tag to read all tags but only save ID3v2 and APEv2 tags. The files that appeared "tag-less" in Mp3tag did have the artist and title stored in the ID3v2 tag but not in the APE tag.

Apparently, because of the empty APE-tags, Mp3tag does not show the contents of the artist/title tags even though they are available in the ID3v2 tag that also is being read.

The solution is simple though: disable read for APE-tags, open the folders with the mp3's that didn't seem to have tags, they show up now after disabling the read APE-tag setting. After that I've selected all files and hit save so now the APE-tag also contains the artist and title info, just like the rest of the files.

Since I don't think this should happen I'd like to report it as a bug.

With regards,

Bart Grefte

As APE tags overrule MP3 tags an empty string in APE overrules a filled one of an mp3 tag. So, it looks like it's not a bug - it's a feature ;-).

As there are frequently posts in this forum that state the problem with APE tags, the general advice is to get rid of them altogether unless there is a decent reason to keep them.

Ow okay, is there a specific reason for this behavior?

I use MP3Gain, which uses APE-tags...

Reason? Hmm .... yes, the Mp3tag developer did it this way.

Regarding MP3Gain see ...
Anzeigeformat in Spalte "Tag" (revisited)
... avoid MP3Gain, if ever, then use it with the optional ID3 switch.

Better use the ReplayGain calculator of foobar2000 in the non destructive mode.


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