[X] no-break space cause no save of m3u file


any artists have a point at the end of their name e.g. "Sheila E.".
Microsoft Windows do not allow a point or a space at the end of the name of
a directory. Because I want to see the original name I set after the point
the character no-break space (ALT 255, geschütztes Leerzeichen)
at the end of the name of the directory.
The music files are in a sub folder e.g. "[1984] The Glamorous Life".
That works fine.

In my case the full path with the music files is

O:\MEDIA\Audio\lossless\Sheila E. [1984] The Glamorous Life\01 The Belle Of St. Mark.flac


In such sub folders I can tag files with MP3TAG v2.82 but I can't save
m3u files with the function of MP3TAG. I can save the m3u file in an other
directory but then the entries in the the m3u file have the full path of
the directory. I have to edit the m3u file with erasing the path and to copy
the file to the right directory.

I do not try any other speacial characters. Perhaps it is not only a problem
with the no-break space.

Bug or a feature or no bug or not important?
If bug perhaps there is a way to change the behaviour of MP3TAG.



PS: Other programs e.g. IrfanView have similar problems with special
characters in directories.

AFAIK playlists only support the 7-bit ansi character set. chr 255 is above that.

There may coming up different "problems" for you, but there are no problems as long as you accept the common rules for building a filename.
In Windows utilities, the space and the period are not allowed as the final character of a filename.
The rule is: "Do not end a file or directory name with a space or a period. Although the underlying file system may support such names, the Windows shell and user interface does not. However, it is acceptable to specify a period as the first character of a name. For example, ".temp"."
See also ...

This practice seems to be allowed, but you should keep in mind, when doing so, the trailing $char(255) may be mis-interpreted as a filename or foldername extension, because the point character (period) has the practical function to separate the base name from the extension part in the name of a directory or file.


You have mentioned a problem when creating a m3u file by Mp3tag. How do you do it?
In case of you apply the export feature, please show us the corresponding Mp3tag MTE file.


As mentioned above, not verified yet, in relation to the underlying disk file system, maybe the envolved target file system on Harddisk, USB-stick etc. ... like FAT, FAT32, NTFS etc. ... has some different name support?


Hello again,

@ohrenkino and @DetlevD
Thanks a lot of quick answer.

Maybe original the playlists only support 7-bit ansi character set.
When do you use french and german special characters like à, â, é, è,
ä, ö, ü, ß etc. there will be no problems. All this chacacters are above
the value 127.

Yes there are the usual rules of the file system depend of the first days
starting with CP/M and DOS.
The danger of mis-interpreted could be. But since bad programs (virus,
trojan etc.) take advantage of this mis-interpreted folder and file names
the programmer of software specially programmer of Microsoft spent many time
to remove this malfunctions. I think the danger of mis-interpreted do not
really exists now.
By yourself you can generate any folders and files with different combinations
of special characters. Usually there are no problems because Windows can use
different languages with many special characters like arabian, asian etc.
(ASCII, Ansi, Unicode).
For western people the discussed characters are special but most of the users
in the world use "special" characters. For this users their used characters
are usual and not special.

With your update of your post I realize that you cann't reconstruct the
problem of no save the m3u file.

Many luck I found the reason.
I have some operating systems in virtual machines of Virtualbox.
I copied and installed MP3TAG, Foobar2000 and some mp3 files in a virtual
machine of 'Windows 10 Pro Build 10586.164 Version 1511 x64 de'.
In a virtual machine of 'Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x64 de' I do the same.
Et voilà, in the virtual machine of Windows 10 MP3TAG can save the m3u file
in the same folder without a problem. In the virtual machine of Windows 7
MP3TAG shows an error window 'Die Datei ...\mp3tag.m3u konnte nicht angelegt
werden.' when I use the function Datei\Playlist (alle Dateien).

( )
In this brackets you have to imagine many bad words and bad emojis.

Of course my host and working operating system is Windows 7.

Ok, I think the problem is less a problem of MP3TAG than a problem of the
operating system Windows 7.

Most of the programs usually use the functions of the operating system to
handle the operations of files and folders.

At the latest in 2,5 years most of the users will use Windows 10 because of
the end of support of Windows 7. Then the problem is obsolete.

I wait since Microsoft will implement the promise the function updates will
come like usual upates and not with a installation of a whole operating
system. I hope I don't wait my life time.



PS: Many greetings from Wuppertal to Wuppertal. The world is very small.

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