[X] No tags in Tag Panel when APE active


I've just noticed a very strange behaviour and decided to let you know.
If a file has both ID3 and APE tags and in Mpeg settings in the Read section all kinds of tags are checked then no tags are displayed in the Tag Panel.
I'm not sure if this is a bug or it's intentional but it seems to be a little illogical.

Thanks for a great application and for your support.


Please check "View > Extended Tags" if the file has other tag fields.
Mp3tag can only show one tag type.

Thanks dano.

So let's say that the file has ID3 and APE tags. And both are checked in the Settings window.
After opening the file I can see nothing in the Tag Panel.
And when I open the Extended Tags window I can only see APE tags.

And when I uncheck APE in Settings leaving ID3 only and refresh the file list then I can see all ID3 tags in the Tag Panel but when I open the Extended Tags window I can only see ID3 tags.

Is this correct?

Yes, this is also explained in the help file.

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