[X] Not able to create (first?) action


I am not able to create a new (first?) action. (Both 2.37a and 2.37c suffer from this problem.)

It is possible to start creating an action. The requester for the action group name can be completed. The next requester for the new action (for now just 1 action) can also be completed. But when OK-ing on the 'Actions' list window there is a runtime error. First details below:


File: .\shasharray.cpp
Line: 198


File: .\mtactionseditdlg.cpp
Line: 468


File: .\mtactionsselectdlg.cpp
Line: 384



As often, after several tests, trouble shooting and just having posted a report, one comes up with another 'bright' idea. In my case I un-installed mp3tag, re-installed it and it works OK now.

I am not sure what was wrong before but maybe upgrading from from 2.36 or some other fiddling has messed up the save directory structure. There are now some other directories visible. And also the default actions are now also shown. The were missing before.

Problem has been solved.

The only comment is that the program may be more verbose on missing files / directories, because that seemed to be the problem.

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