[X] Not all files load from directory

It says 32,000 files are loading but after it is done reading them, only about 1,000 of them actually appear. MP3Tag used to load all 32,000 but won't anymore for some reason... How do I fix this?


have you accidentally turned the filter on?

Could you have a look at the status bar at the bottom: there it should state how many files MP3tag has loaded (ideally 32,000) and how many it currently displays:
If this is so, then check if you have applied a filter (accidently): press F3 once
so that the filter input-field is closed.
Now all files should appear.
If you press F3 again and only the 1000 files show again, you might have a blank or something similar invisible set as filter.

Don't know what was wrong with it. I ended up reinstalling it and that fixed it. It might have been the filter on accident. It probably wasn't a bug. Thanks for your help! I appreciate this program's support team, very prompt and thorough response!

[X] No Bug

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