[X] Not Loading in songs

Ever since the release of v2.80 I've been haveing a very peculiar problem. mp3's at random REFUSE to load into mp3Tag. Here's the weird part though that made me post this. when I make a duplicate of the very same song it loads just fine. Delete the original and remove the "(1)" that the operating system added in using mp3Tag. save changes. POOF gone again. can play and alter the files perfectly normally in everything BUT mp3Tag. seems like the (1) fixes things so I add that onto my songs. still missing. and what's more? it seems entirely random when the songs load if they don't have duplicates around (in which case most duplicates show up just fine) as sometimes they appear no problem.

In other words. files seem to load in almost unpredictable ways for no reason.

Could you check if you have set (unintentially) a filter?
Press F3 to toggle the filter.

Or you can have a look at the status bar at the bottom that shows how many files are loaded and how many are displayed.

WELP that fixed my problem. it was a filter. sorry for wasting your time on something that wasn't a bug...... thank you for your time.
Btw since this isn't a bug how do I move this forum over to the "No bugs" subforum. do I have to do it or does that fall under moderator duties?

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