[X] Numeration error

I have found that MP3 does not order well, when the tracks are listed like (1,2,3,4) and it orders them like (1,10,11,12...19,2,3 etc), this error, when you look for the tags in freedb (or amazon) and you insert them, the program puts them in a wrong way.

This can be fixed by putting 0 in the numeration (01,02..10), but some people dislike doing it that way.


Hmm... The bug is marked as fixed for 2.35. :unsure:


The sorting of the track column of the list on the left was fixed for v2.35.

The current request is not regarded as a bug. You can use another naming scheme, if you don't like the way the filenames are sorted on the list.

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~ Florian

I'm using v2.35 :slight_smile:

Well, problem fixed, thx! :music:

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