[X] Only 1st. character of tags being read by Sony player

I have been using Mp3Tag for some time now but recently I have noticed that only the first character of the artist and track title are being displayed on my Sony player. I have had no trouble in the past with this problem.

I downloaded Mp3Tag Tools to check the problem out and compare with Mp3Tag and found that when I saved the same track tag information with Mp3Tag Tools the track information was displayed fully and correctly when played.

I can remember in the past transferring tag information across from version 1 to version 2 with Mp3Tag Tools and I have only recently been aware that I could save in both versions using Mp3Tag which is why I now seem to have this problem.

Tags saved with MP3Tag Tools I seem to remember displays ROOT on the Sony player before the information. I cannot remember Mp3Tag displaying this.

Disc title is all displayed complete but the full track title and artist just display as A (for Aeoliah) / C (for Chintamani) in the example for this CD.

All the burning methods have been exactly same for each test.

I think the original version I installed was Mp3Tag v2.39. I checked that I had the latest version 2.42 before proceeding.

Tags are all displayed correctly on the computer before burning. It is only the save method which is creating the later display problem.

I have re-installed the regular version of 2,42 over the top of the original version and also installed the beta development version over the top of that. None of the changes in these versions makes any difference to the Sony display.

Your player has either problems with ID3v2.4 or with ID3v2.3 and Unicode: Problems with ID3v2 tags in Unicode format?.

To topic creator: I've found ID3v1 + ID3v2.3 UTF-16 to work flawless in my Creative players and with Windows tag reading. Try that.

Hi neotheOne.
Quite correct. UTF also works perfectly on my computer Windows Media Player etc. but not on my Sony CMT-HPZ7 micro Hi Fi system.
Perhaps you misread my topic and assumed that my Sony player was on my computer. Everything seems to work OK on the computer in UTF or ISO mode.

I have changed the setting to ISO now as Florian recommended, re-burnt all my CD's and everything is working perfectly again.

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