[X] Only track 9 gets a leading zero when auto nu


When I try to auto-number 9 or more mp3 tracks with the leading zero option selected only track 9 has the leading zero. If I try to manually number a track with a leading zero, the leading zero is removed, unless it is track 9. I have ID3v1 and v2 selected, with ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1 and IDv2 only if id3v1 too small.

I can't tell if this is a display problem or whether the number is really only added with a zero for track 9.

I first noticed this with 2.34a and it is still present in 2.36a running under WinXP sp2

Not exactly a blocking bug - the program is excellent, thanks!

BTW. Any chance of a command line interface so I can automate the tagging of directories of files, eg. when my podcasted files for the week have been downloaded I would like to title them with their file names and change artist and album to reflect the week number or some fixed value and also add track numbers so they play in sorted filename order... all easy to do from the UI but I would like to have it done for me by the computer so I just need to copy them to the mp3 player.


The file with no leading zero probably doesn't have an ID3v2 tag. Leading zeros are only possible with ID3v2 tags.

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P.S. A command line interface is not planned.

It's true that I have the 'ID3v2 tag only if necessary' option selected (maybe selecting leading zeros should make ID3v2 tags necessary).

Might be worth mentioning that the option is only available with ID3v2 tags, or better still disable the option if ID3v2 tags are not going to be written. Could save you alot of time responding to bug reports :slight_smile:



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