[X] Opening MP3 folders from SpeedCommander

Opening mp3-folders from Windows Explorer works fine with most any version of mp3tag. Mp3tag v2.45 also works with my preferred file manager SpeedCommander.

I recently upgraded Mp3tag to v2.46. In this version, opening a mp3-folder by right-clicking it in Windows Explorer works fine. With Speedcommander is does not.

I reverted back to Mp3tag v2.45 and opening mp3-folder in Speedcommander worked fine again.

In the release notes for v2.46, it's mentioned a new way of exploring contents has been added to Mp3tag.

Could this issue maybe be looked into please?

I use WinXP SP3.


This is an issue related to SpeedCommander which is fixed in a recent version. Updating to the latest release of SpeedCommander should help.

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Oh! Thanks!

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