[X] Overwritting existing cover art unexpectedly

Album in question is:

Damsel in the Dollhouse - Provocateur

Free download from their bandcamp page... http://damselinthedollhouse.bandcamp.com

Each track has its own individual cover art...what I would like to do is add the Album Cover art (which is also the 1st tracks art) to the remainder of the tracks in addition to the already existing art.

I selected all the files in the folder and did the following:

I used the obvious "add cover art" and chose the artwork included with the download which proceeded to overwrite all existing artwork.
As this was not the desired behavior, I unzipped the file again for a clean slate with the same source files and first saved all existing cover art and set the cover art type to Media. Once existing art was saved than I tried the Add cover art function again and it had the same result of over writing the previously saved artwork.

It appears that the desired result can be achieved if individually "add cover art" to each file however this would seem to be a tedious process if there are multiple files such as trying to add your own "cover art" to a personalized playlist or a box set for example.

Wondering as well, is there a way to change the "sequence" of the saved artwork if it already exists. For example once added the "Album Artwork" from above is now the 2nd saved artwork...now most media players do not show anything more than the 1st picture (other than Musicbee) is there a way other than to copy and paste the 1st artwork into the 3rd position than deleting the 1st image to simply change the order or create a "primary" picture option?

I can't access a web source at the moment.
But AFAIK you can set in the Utils button of a web source hits dialogue whether you want to keep existing covers or not.

  1. The command "add cover art" is not obvious, because it is located within the dialog "View\Extended Tags..." [Alt-T].

  2. When adding a cover picture within the dialog "View\Extended Tags..." [Alt-T], this does not remove any already embedded cover pictures.

  3. If you want to embedd also the type of the cover (Front Cover, Back Cover, and so on ...), then apply the Mp3tag action "Import cover from file".


It is also available with a right mouseclick on the cover in the tag-panel.

Other embedded pictures are only removed in the case the embedded pictures in the highlighted files are different. If they are the same the addtional picture is also embedded.

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