[X] Path handling should escape special characters but doesn't

I've got an action that will move songs to my music folder based on the artist's and album name,

so it's Drive:/Music/%Artist%/%Album%/

then it renames the files to %Title%.%extension%

MP3tag 2.81 from Feb 17th 2017 just gave my an error and crashed over "Cam'Ron"'s CD "Come Home With Me"

and I think the error is that you didn't escape the apostrophe in his name.

Who is meant by "you"? Isn't it you and yourself doing?
Read there ...
How to remove apostrophes from titles

... and please show us the action you got.


Obviously the author of MP3tag...

But, maybe it's on my end.

Edit: Ok but that's literally his name...

I just tried it with
ALBUM: Come Home With Me
Title: whatever
Nothing crashed.

I tried it with 2.82 and 2.81c so perhaps an update might work wonders.
As the apostrophe is a valid character for filenames, I doubt that this has to be escaped.
I wonder though what the data looks like in %extension% as this is no standard name in MP3tag for a file property.

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