[X] Playlist with non-ANSI filename fails

If I save a playlist having a track whose filename has a non-ANSI character such as ₫ , and then load the playlist, Mp3tag fails to load the file. Looking in the playlist shows Mp3tag has replaced the character by ? .

As far as I know, M3U files have to contain ANSI filenames only, that is why foobar2000 for example introduced M3U8 files that can contain unicode characters. I will let Florian decide whether this is a bug or not.

Says where?

Odd, since .FPL covers it fine.

M3U uses ISO 8859-1 (see Wikipedia > M3U). If you need full Unicode support, you can mimic the M3U format easily using Mp3tag's export feature.

FPL is foobar2000's own playlist format which was designed to handle Unicode without problems.

Yup, that fits with report! :wink:

I suggest it would be better for Mp3tag to give an error rather than create a broken .m3u playlist.

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