[X] Possible Bug with Bitrates

I believe I have found a bug with bitrates.

I use the mIRC chat client with a script that uses a command $mp3($file).bitrate to display in text the bitrate of the particular mp3.

If I play an mp3 without having touched it with mp3tag 2.33 It displays the bitrate correctly.

Once i take the mp3 into mp3tag and change the ID3 tags and then play the mp3 in mIRC again I get an incorrect bitrate displayed even though Winamp tells me the mp3 is infact still 192kbps

I have also downloaded the dev builds 2.33a and 2.33b without success.

I went back to 2.32 and changed the ID3 with it and the problem does not occur

Why do people post on the forum and contact me by email on the same issue - I don't get it...

Does Winamp or another program also show different bitrates after files being saved with Mp3tag?

If not, it's a bug with mIRC, otherwise please send me the original file and the modified one for analyzing. My guess is, that mIRC fails badly on Unicode tags - so you might want to enable Always write ISO-8859-1 tags instead of UTF-16 at Options > Tags > Mpeg.

~ Florian

I apologise for posting here and emailing, first time here and I didn't see there was an International Section until I posted an email to you.

Always write ISO-8859-1 tags instead of UTF-16 seems to have fixed the problem for me.

I have already sent the email reply with the files attached.

I understand the option was not there in 2.32
1 question if I may, why did this not happen in v2.32 but causes a problem in v2.33?

I'll mark this as "No Bug".

Mp3tag 2.33 writes tags in Unicode format by default now (which is perfectly valid, recommended and specified by the ID3v2 standard).<

Some programs have still problems with reading tags in Unicode format, so I've added the option to write tags as ISO-8859-1 instead.

~ Florian

Ok thanks for that.
I wasn't aware of that.

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