[X] Possible right-click menu incompatibility with DoubleCommander

As can be read on the DoubleCommander issue tracker at https://doublecmd.sourceforge.io/mantisbt/view.php?id=1776 there is an issue when trying to use MP3Tag's Explorer context menu entry within DoubleCommander. DoubleCommander is an Explorer replacement which can show the full Explorer context menu for directory contents. But when clicking the MP3Tag context menu entry in the latest version, an error message is shown instead, indicating that the correct filename was not received. The DoubleCommander developer cannot quite see what is going wrong here, so maybe you could figure out if the filename is delivered properly to MP3Tag, or of it's maybe an MP3Tag bug?
The latest DoubleCommander version can be downloaded here: https://doublecmd.sourceforge.io/site/eng/snapshots.html

See this thread on the total commander interface.
Perhaps you find something that gets your application working.


In general: I would say it is a problem of the calling program to get the correct syntax.

While a work-around has been added in DoubleCommander, it seems like MP3Tag's behaviour is wrong according to the MSDN, so this is a bug: https://doublecmd.sourceforge.io/mantisbt/v...p?id=1776#c2225

"I've also found this in How to Implement the IContextMenu Interface at MSDN:

The structure's lpVerb or lpVerbW member is used to identify the command to be executed. Commands are identified in one of the following two ways:

By the command's verb string
By the command's identifier offset

To distinguish between these two cases, check the high-order word of lpVerb for the ANSI case or lpVerbW for the Unicode case. If the high-order word is nonzero, lpVerb or lpVerbW holds a verb string. If the high-order word is zero, the command offset is in the low-order word of lpVerb."

It's seems that the issue has been fixed on DoubleCommander side.

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