[X] Press CTRL+A, then slip and touch CTRL+S

I did this. Ouch. I had thousands of songs loaded and wanted to select them all. Pressed CTRL+A and suddenly a dialog showing progres sin tag updating was on my screen. What was it doing? Sheesh, it got through 60 tracks before I could reach Cancel with a clear frame of mind.

A minute of research later and I discover what must have happened (a 99.9999% certain guess). I slipped and touched CTRL+S hot on the tail of CTRL+A.

Now I generally have the tag panel hidden and have never used CTRL+S, opting instead to use actions and the Extended tags button.

Irrespective though having two shortcut keys so close together and the latter so dangerous is to my mind a strong candidate for description as a UI bug.

I recommend that CTRL+S be followed by a confirmation request if more than one file is selected and/or that such a one key nuke tags command be shifted to the less accident prone CTRL+SHIFT+S shortcut for example.

Playing around with CTRL+S again I haven't got the full picture anymore. If I press CTRL+A then the Tag Panel gets entries which are innocuous. And yet, I am very sure I pressed CTROL+A slipped onto the S and then ended up with 60 files all with the same tags as the first one on the list. I wonder if the upgrade I did on MP3tag since that mistake explains that, or if something else was awry. Odd.

Still, I have to add (again) how impresse dI am with MP3 tag. What as awesome utility!

There is always [Ctrl]+[Z] :slight_smile:

The results of Ctrl-A Ctrl-S will depend on what you have set for Default Values. If you have them all set to then I believ the net result will be that all files will be saved with their original tags - no change. But if you have any set to and (I suppose) then you're screwed. So just set them all to , which is what I have mine set at.

Well, CRL+Z is also a great tip from Florian. When I did this Iw asn't aware of that and restored the 60 affected files form backup. But CTRL+Z is to die for! Great feature!

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