[X] Problem when connecting to discogs.com

hi everybody ; I'm on Vista 64 with opera internet or explorer 8 and I Can't connect on discogs when i'm tagg my track he tell : error connection on sever :www.discogs.com user abort !!!!!!!!
what's my problem i have the last vers : 2.46a !!!!!
many thx for your answer :wink:

Tip! (Only in German),Sorry
Exras>Optionen>Netzwerk>Timout Normal=10 ich habe auf 20 gesetzt
eichenwurm :book:

no , doesn't work :frowning:

I found this is a bug with vista 64 , I install in my other PC (on windows XP) and mp3tag with discgs work !!!!
vista64 is shit !!! :wink:

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