[X] Problem with adding lyrics and itunes

I don't know if this is a bug with itunes or with mp3tag, but I don't have any other application to test with that recognizes lyrics embedded in mp3 files.

I was trying to embed lyrics using mp3tag and the "USLT" extended tag and saving to ID3v2.4.
If the lyrics you embedded are more than 122 chars (approximately, including newlines), itunes does not parse it correctly, where the YEAR tag is missing (when you bring up the tag info with Ctrl+I) and the word "TDRC" appended to end of the lyrics.
Then, if you modify and save the tags in itunes (for example, deleting the "TDRC"), when you read them back with mp3tag, some tags are truncated (in previous example, Title and Album get cut short).

Is there some format problem with mp3tag? Or maybe it's iTunes incorrectly parsing the lyrics frame?
Thanks in advance.
Using version 2.38

Please use only ID3v2.3 with iTunes and Mp3tag. iTunes has bugs in 2.4

Ahhh, thank you. I should have caught that, but I wasn't even thinking in that direction. It works now. Time to rewrite all my mp3 tags:^(

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