[X] Problem with MP3 comments

I'm using version 2.46a.

A comment stored with a description will not be displayed in TagPanel or Filelist.
But it will appear in the display of ExtendedTags (with the description showed).


Interesting research, but where is the bug?


Since the comment field is included in the tag panel, it would be nice to see the comment here.
Instead I have to go via Extended Tags to see if there is a comment.


Yes, this sounds unusual.

How many COMMENT tag fields do you see in Extended Tags view?
Do you see any text from the COMMENT tag field in a list view column?
How is the value formula defined for the comment column in the columns dialog?
What Tag types are involved in this file (ID3..., APE, Lyrics... etc.)?
Is there any mapping active that could interfere with the standard usage of the COMMENT tag field (see Options/Tags/Mapping)?
Is there any user defined Tag Panel entry that could interfere with the standard usage of the COMMENT tag field (see Options/Tag-Panel)?


I have a similar structure written for lyrics.
The result displayed in the tagpanel is:

eng|TrackLyrics|This is the lyrics

If I enter the following text in the comment field:

eng|TrackNotes|This is a new comment

a new comment is written with

Description = eng
Text = eng|TrackNotes|This is a new comment

Hope this helps.


That's intended. ID3v2 Comments with a description are treated as separate tag field and can be accessed with %comment description%

Fine, but I can't get it to work.
Please explain.


So what have you tried already? What isn't working?

I have tried creating field and refer that field to a %comment description%.
I also tried not to refer it, but then it creates a TXXX field.

I just want to know, how I can display in the tagpanel a comment, that has this content:

Language = eng
Description = TrackNotes
Comment = xxxxxx....


For the tag panel add
COMMENT TrackNotes
as field.

If you want to add in the columns use
%COMMENT TrackNotes%

Thank you very much.

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