[X] Problem with tag->filename on read-only media

I have a CD full of MP3 files with no directory structure and correct tags, and wanted to copy them to the jukebox server with an Artist/Album/Track structure. I'm using version 2.33d.

However, using Tag->Filename to convert to M:\%artist%\%album%$num(%track%,3) - %artist% - %title% fails when the original file is in a read-only location like a CD. mp3tag creates the artist and album directories, asks if it should remove read-only permission from the files, and then says the file could not be renamed.

Is mp3tag doing a copy-and-delete rather than a rename? Since the move involves going from one drive to another, a rename will fail.


[edit]: gah! That was not a particularly helpful subject, now that I look at it...
[re-edit]: wait, yes it was - because if I copy the files to C:\ and then do a convert to put them on M:, it works just fine. So it looks as if mp3tag's trying to change the file's name before moving it to the new location - doing the move before the name change would probably fix that :slight_smile:

Mp3tag doesn't copy files but renames files through the Tag - Filename converter.

No bug.

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