[X] Problem With the Amazon.Com (Quick) button

I emailed a more detailed description of my problem but never heard an answer so I thought maybe I could try here and get an answer.

The latest version has a small bug in it, when I use the Amazon (Quick) button choose a cover and save it , it overwrites much of the existing info I have just written for the files (I have my own preferred format for my music files/tags). All I have to do to fix it is hit the “Undo” button to return to my original format but this is something that was not there in previous versions. It is not a big thing but it does require that I pay close attention to my files before I save them to my library. Example below (and before and after screenshots)

My tag info as I have edited it for my use:

(Seventh Key) - Every Time It Rains

After I use the “Amazon (Quick)” button:

The Kid Could Play

As you can see it changes several things to some preset format and song order (The Kid Could Play IS from the same album). Hope you can fix this back to the previous versions use of this function.

I am a longtime supporter of your software since it saves me untold amounts of time and is generally easy to use for my purposes and with a music library of approximately 18,000 songs I require several tools to keep things in order.

I have attached a before/after JPG but if not visible here then these pictures are on the Mp3tag Facebook page if they are not visible here.



What menu-item do you call the "Amazon-Quick-Button"?
Tag-source amazon or Cover-source amazon?

If you chose to get tag-informations for an almbum from amazon it is clear that amazon delivers them in the correct track-order of the album. If you don't have your files in correct track-order you can't expect that the tags are writtten in the right way.

Since I have been using this software for years I can expect it to operate EXACTLY as it always has and the order has never made a difference before now. I ONLY wanted the cover not the track info and in past releases that is all I have gotten from this button (image attached) so that was my point. Is the button that delivered only the cover image in the past now going to overwrite all info in my tags? It never did before this last upgrade. NOTE: If you hold your cursor over this button its title is Amazon.com (Quick)

I just checked with V2.61d and observed the following:
The button (from your attached picture) shows a bubble help: Cover Art@Amazon.de (Quick)
So this would indicate that only a cover is added.
I tried the function and indeed, it only added a cover, nothing more.
I am not quite sure where Mp3tag stores the information for the buttons as apparently there are differences depending on the version (I got amazon.de and I have installed the German version - you say that you have amazon.com ...) So it could indeed be that the quick-link is wrong.

For the time being, you could use the long way via the Web Sources menu.

That button always calls the last used web source.
So just call your desired source one time from the Tag-sources menu and then the button will work as you want.

Now that is a possibility, I will try it out and let you know.


Seems to have been the problem, once again not understanding exactly what each button does fully was the problem :slight_smile:

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