[X] Proxy doesnt seem to work


I am behind a http squid proxy ( on port 3128). I have typed in the address and port as well as given the correct user ID and password. However, whenever I do a search i get an:

Error connecting to Server:

I can open my web browser and get to the URLs fine so they're not being blocked by the proxy.

Edit: Just had a look at what happening using Wireshark -- Seems like the HTTP requests are being sent to the correct proxy address. The proxy then asks for authentication but doesn't seem to get it.

Since the password/login are not sent in clear text (understandably) its hard to verify that they aren't being sent. I just assume they are not given that the response to the second http request (the one that should be after authentication) also gets a 407 Proxy Authentication required error.

just wanted to add that I am happy to beta test any interim builds for proxy support

Have you tried the current Development Build?

Yes -- I tried 2.39m

After looking at my HTTP implementation it seems that your proxy does not return status code 407 ("Proxy Authentication Required") although this is required according to the HTTP/1.1 RFC.

Im pretty sure the proxy sends the 407 message. Its just that mp3tag doesn't reply with the correct authentication information. When I get home I will save the wireshark captures and post them.

OK, lol it seems to be working now.

I changed the network connection order in Vista to make my Local area connection that was connected to the Internet the first (Network and Sharing Center --> Manage Network Connections --> Advanced --> Advanced Settings)

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