[X] Reading mixed MP3 file tags only display APE tag

Using MP3Tag v2.41, when I read a file that contains all of ID3v1, ID3v2 and APE tags, only the contents of the APE tag are shown.

File contains Artist, Title, Album, etc. in both ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags, MP3Gain and REPLAYGAIN info in an APE tag.

Setting Tags/Mpeg/Read to [x] ID3v1 [x] ID3v2 [x]APE shows only MP3Gain/ReplayGain info, setting it to [x] ID3v1 [x] ID3v2 [_] APE shows only Artist, Title, Album info.

Expected behaviour (why?) or a bug?

(I somehow expected MP3Tag would try to show the »best« info from all three tag types so that I could read/change them and eventually throw away the ID3v1 and APE tags to get all in ID3v2.3.)

@Florian: I will keep the files as test data for some days, in case you need one mailed.

While in Mp3tag ... if an APE tag is present, then this tag format has a higher priority than other tags formats in the file.
I do not understand why this should be, but I think this is a relict from the first days of Mp3tag development, and ... obviously ... hard to change into better state.
This problem has been detected so often by users, i can't remember how much.

My solution was to get rid off any APE tag forever and avoid to use any application software that 'corrupts' my files with APE tag format resp. leads to preventing Mp3tag to work as I want.

In the first time there was a problem with mp3gain has written APE tags, which were unseen under ID3 view. Reading APE and Writing ID3 I've copied the APE tagfields to temporary ID3 tagfields, afterwards Reading ID3 and Writing ID3 I've copied the temporary tagfields to the official named tagfields, afterwards I've deleted the temporary ID3 tagfields, afterwards I've removed the APE tag completely from the file.
Now I use Mixmeister, always as first step after encoding because of it's fixed char encoding.


The easy answer is a quote from Mp3tag's help file (Configuration > Tags > Mpeg):

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