[X] Remove fields doesn't always work

I mentioned this bug before, and then thought I must have been mistaken.


I'm not sure why Remove fields sometimes works and sometimes does not. Attached are two different, but very similar action files. The first ("Various Artists - Individual.mta") works, but the second ("Various Artists - Group.mta") does not.

What I notice is that in the files where Mp3tag does not remove the two temporary tags that I ask it to, all of the other tags are sorted in perfect alphabetical order. In the files where the two tags are correctly removed, the other tags are not sorted.

The only time I see the Remove tags not working is with these temporary tags that never get written to the file. With any tags that actually existed in the file, it Remove tags has always worked perfectly.

Various_Artists___Individual.mta (659 Bytes)

Various_Artists___Group.mta (668 Bytes)

My mistake... I found that I had used a comma instead of a semicolon to separate the field names in the action where it wasn't working. That's probably also what I did the first time I thought Remove fields didn't work.

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