[X] Removing double spaces


I'm not sure if that's a bug or not, but here is the case:

I copied an action from here, to remove 'double spaces' to 'one space only'

The action is the following:

Field: _ALL
Regular expression: \s{2,}
Replace matches with: " "(without quotes)
[ ] case sensitive

So, when I got a directory with 2 spaces, it does not replace them with 1 space only

then I duplicated the action above, but changing _ALL to _DIRECTORY, then it worked

so my question is, _ALL should not include _DIRECTORY too? Then _ALL should apply the action as well...

If this is not a bug, just ignore it :wink:


_DIRECTORY is not included in _ALL.


that's confusing hehe

can you tell me what's included in _ALL? I need to know what's the point of using _ALL in my actions :wink:


_ALL contains all tag fields and the filename. I know that it's a little bit irritating but I think that users more often apply actions to their tags and filenames rather on the directory name.

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