[X] Rename Bug Causing tag overwrites/corruption? (v2.39m)

I have being doing a high number of Tag clean-ups and subsequently renaming. I have since subbleted on a number of files I know we tagged correctly where the tags from one of the other renamed files have overitten the files tags - this must be occuring after the file is moved/renamed as they preserve the orginal tag settings (%album%$num(%track%,2) %title%) in the rename.

The tags observed to be overwritten include: Album, Artist, Title, Track, Disc, Content Group, Genre.

I did not observe this occuring under v2.39. The rename text following:

F:\Music$if($not(%contentgroup%),_Unknown,$validate(%contentgroup%,-))$if($not(%Album%),_Unknown,$validate(%Album%,-))$num(%track%,2) $if($not(%Title%),_Unknown $num($rand(),5)-$num($rand(),5),$validate(%Title%,-))

(ContentGroup is maintained via a action they utilised Band, Genre and/or Album name to group various artist albums together, eg. all the Ministry of Sounds, Now etc series):

Fundamental question: Is MP3Tag (re-)writing the tags during a rename instead of just reading? If so, why?

Can provide more info as required. Thanks.

No, renaming does not modify tags of the files being renamed.

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