[X] Rename folder bug

MP3Tag 2.59b copies entire folder during rename.

Here's the action: Format Value _DIRECTORY : D:\Music\%artist%\%album%\

I have an action that music to a folder based on the artist and album name, and it's supposed to copy the music files highlighted in mp3tag to a folder based on that metadata, instead it will copy the highlighted music, and EVERYTHING else in that folder, except subfolders.

That is not a bug but a feature.
You just rename the existing folder and so all of it's content is moved to the new folder.
What else should mp3tag do with the files that are in a renamed folder?

If you want to move highlighted files to a different folder you can use an action format value for the tagfield _filename and use backslashes to get the wanted folders.
Or you can take the convert-menue and there tag->filename.

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