[X] Renaming files from tags does not always work

Use V2.49
Rename files from IDTag with %artist% - %title%. Both values exist (at least Winamp 5.5.1 says so). Strange enough Win 7 does not display any of this data at all e.g. in Explorer or Rightclick file properties. Was there any change in mp3-format specifications?

Check if you have V2.4 tags. WIn 7 only supports V2.3

Thx, ok, how can I find out about tags? Can this be the reason why mp3tags does not rename the files? btw the tags are displayed imn winamp and mp3tag correctly but rename doies not work. my assumption was it has sth. to do with the win 7 prob.

Check if you have a colum that shows the following value:
%_tag_read%[ (%_tag%)]
(Right-click on the column header of the files list in MP3tag. CLick on Columns... and scroll down the list to check for an entry like "Tag". Tick it.
If nothing similar is there then create a new column with a Title of your choice and for value that expression from above.
Then: save the changes and check the display in that column.
If it says something like 2.4 or APE then adapt the tags to become V2.3

Also a possibility: open the windows explorer and add a column with the contents "owner".
If that owner is not the same as user-id with which you edit the files it may be a conflict of access permissions. You would have to use Windows means to modify the owner.

In general, I doubt that this is really a MP3tag bug but a local problem of your W7 configuration or the tags.

Again thx ohrenkino! I found out I have the same owner and V2.4 tags. Is this the cause of the problem? How can I change them to V2.3?

Yes. W7 does not support V2.4 properly.
Have a look at Extras>Options>Mpeg.
For "write" set the radio button to "ID3V2.3 UTF-16".
Then filter for the Version 2.4 tags,
select all the files (Ctrl-A) - I hope there are not too many ...
right-click on the selected list
select "Cut tag" - this may take a while
immediately afterwards right click again and select "Paste tags" - this may take a while again.

If there are a lot of files, limit the selection to a decently sized chunks as a program failure after cutting the tags would lead to a loss of tag data for the files...
It is surgery on the open heart :wink:
So having backups is generally a good idea.
After pasting the tag version should be V2.3
I think iTunes also has a function to convert tag versions. But I can't say anything about the reliability of that function.

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