[X] Renumbering Reset issue


In the last several releases I notice that the Renumbering wizard isn't resetting the counter for each directory when selected. I believe it has to do with the files being sorted out of order due to the same filenames in different directories.

If I name the files in two directories with the same file names, i.e. Track1, Track2 in Directory1 and the same names in Directory2, then the problem occurs.

If I rename them to be something like Track1-1, Track1-2 in Directory1 and Track2-1, Track2-2 in Directory2, then they sort correctly and it renumbers correctly, resetting the count when it changes directories.

Hopefully this is clear enough for you to duplicate. Unfortunately I don't know what release changed this behavior, but it used to work regardless of the duplicate filenames and as mentioned, has not functioned properly for several releases.



Several things:
MP3tag does not know anything about other files. I only treats the current file.
The only exception is the numbering wizard that detects a change in the name of the directory.
The wizard does not remember the name of the directory, though: you have to sort the files in such a way that all the files from one directory appear in an unbroken sequence.

Only then will you get ascending numbers in TRACK.
If you sort the files simply by filename and not by fully qualified filename (which includes the path) then you get a directory change after each file which resets the counter - if you ticked that option.
That is the way it was and it has not changed.

Please check your sorting and perhaps add another column to see the path and sort by it.

Thanks, interesting idea about sorting by path. I will give that a try. I could have sworn it worked differently in the past, but maybe the files were just named differently and I didn't notice.


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