[X] Repaint is very slow for columns if any column value is long

There is an album called:

歌うたいが歌うたいに来て 歌うたえと言うが 歌うたいが歌うたうだけうたい切れば 歌うたうけれども 歌うたいだけ 歌うたい切れないから 歌うたわぬ!?

By GreeeeN, a Japanese band

So because the album name is very long, it takes so long to repaint columns when you use mouse to resize them.

I don't know the work behind the scenes but resizing should not cause so much lag.

This is also true if you try to scroll through view horizontally.

In case you don't believe the album name being so long, Wikipedia link:


I tried your string a couple of weeks ago when I had a W10 update installed - which was an update that incapacitated my PC altogether.
I then experienced even complete crashes of the PC so that the whole OS did not answer any more when I tried either to save the name or scroll through the list in MP3tag.

After correcting the W10 update I never had any problems with this band name. I can see it in full beauty and resize columns for this name just as quickly as for other (shorter) fields.
I'd say: definitely no bug.
Perhaps a feature request.

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