[X] Reported "DO NOT USE MP3tag! Potential Song-Load Errors!"

Anyone know what this is about?


I have read it and what amazes me is that no one will come to this forum and post a bug report, but just instead created a pinned topic on some other forum

If no one reports a bug (if there even is a bug ??) how can Florian fix it ??

In the today current view of this forum.gibson.com webpage, each forum member from over there seems to speak about a different software product:
"MP3 tag"

We can be glad that we use "Mp3tag"!
Because we mostly ignore and live with the bugs.


Did you happen to take note that the thread was started in September 2012 and the last post in the thread was a little over a year ago.

AND it only was regarding one particular player / device.

If you're suggesting the bug was fixed since, I'd be interested to see the changelog.

That would be significant if the report of corruption is false. :slight_smile:

Nope, what I'm saying is that a single report of an isolated instance does NOT qualify as a 'bug'

Actually it is totally insignificant.

That 'bug' report has not been substantiated then, or since. If anything, it suggest that the problem was elsewhere.and and Mp3Tag was blamed through deductive reasoning rather than any actual 'testing'.

For it to be a true 'bug' the problem has to be demonstrable and repeatable by more than one user and if it is not repeatable it is NOT a 'bug'.

"It causes an issue with us and a number of other media player apps."

Apparently not. Apart from "malformed tags", which could mean a million things, that discussion gives no clues. Are they speaking about Mp3 files and ID3v2 tags, because not even THAT is indicated?

Has anyone defined what media players,?

And of course 0 is "a number".

Until somebody defines what the problems are and/or documents the steps needed to reproduce the error conditions and in what media players the effects are seen, it cannot be termed a 'bug' or a fault in ANY perticular application, it is simply a glitch or a 'use case' issue, If only ONE person has had problems with MP3Tag and the media players that person uses, the issue is probably with HOW that person is doing something, but of course it must be the fault of the tool, rather than how it is being used. I've been using various versions of MP3Tag both pre and post 2.5.0 and played the tagged media on many different players and devices with no problems with loading or displaying tags that I have noted.

If this was a MP3Tag issue there would be more than 0 reports at these forums and more than ONE instance of a reported problem elsewhere in the past TWO years, and given that there have been no responses to that thread in over twelve months you can be reasonably confident that it is a non-issue.

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