[X] Resizing "List of search results" Dialog Bug

Hello Florian!

There's a bug in Mp3tag 2.35m that takes focus away from the main dialog after resizing the "List of search results" and the "Adjust tag-information" dialog which is called from the previous. When you resize either window (you may have to try it a couple times to see it), you will notice draw errors in the dialog. You can close the dialog but it's like it's still open and you cannot focus on the main dialog to close Mp3tag. You must kill the application.

This is easily reproducible and I've done it many times just to make sure. I haven't tested this in any other version though, only in this latest beta.

Thanks again for this awesome program!

I just tried ten times and nothing special happened here.

Works everytime for me. I'll make a flash video file and email it to you if you want to see it for yourself.

Sure, maybe I was doing something wrong. :unsure:

Crap...I can't replicate it now. :flushed:

It may have been a conflict with a new .NET install on my machine. I rebooted my machine and Mp3tag is no longer showing this bizarre behavior. Odd thing is it was ONLY Mp3tag.

Ah well! :rolleyes:

Marking it as no bug then. If you see this happen again, post a reply. :wink:

Hey Sebastian...it's happening again...

This time I can show you it actually happening live...can't find your email address so please download it here (~3.6MB): Mp3tag_dialogbug.rar

It's an .exe because it's a standalone Flash wrapped with a player using BB FlashBack. It'll run sandboxed no problem if you use that kind of thing to protect yourself.

Anyway...hope it helps somehow.

Weird. Maybe it's something on your system that causes this. I tried reproducing the bug on my system without luck. I also told Windows not to show the window content when resizing or dragging and it still worked flawlessly. :flushed: Sorry. Maybe Florian has an idea what is going on.

OT: What software did you use to create that screen capture? The Windows Media Encoder way I use sucks. :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately not.

Do you use any software for changing the style of the system controls and windows or it this a custom theme that you're using (if yes, which one)?

StyleXP & Gant 3 oCeAn (shellpack/bricopack)...and this has just started happening, or I've just noticed it start to happen after using this current version. Seems to occur only in Mp3tag. I had .NET 2.0 installed and had to install .NET 1.1 for some bizarre reason as another program (Sound Forge) wouldn't install without it. This may have created some conflict as I only noticed it after this. I'm not too sure about the possibility of that though. I can try debugging it or monitoring it with filemon or something...I'll pay closer attention next time I install a fresh XP too.

Sebastian, it's called BB FlashBack. I've tried a few and so far this is my favourite.

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