[X] Runtime Error

I'm getting this error, when I try to open the program, after that the program close.

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

Runtime error!
C:\Arquivos de programas\Mp3tag\Mp3tag.exe


  • floating point support not loaded

Can you please try the following:

  • Open %APPDATA%\Mp3tag in Windows Explorer
  • Rename mp3tag.cfg to _mp3tag.cfg
  • Open Mp3tag

Humm, I re-installed the program, and it was ok... after re-naming 2 Albuns now I'm getting the same error after I grab a song to throw on the program.
And yes, I did what you tell me. =/

OK, is it possible that the error occurred at exactly the same directory/file as the last time? If you're unsure, just try the above steps again.

Kind regards,

I tried songs from other folders and still getting the error when I drop then on the program.

Can you please send one example file that produces the error?

All songs that I tried to drop into the program give me this error, it isn't with only one song, and it's not a folder problem tho, because I tried to send file from my desktop and many others folders...
I can only use the program if I uninstall and reinstall the program, after rebooting the PC the program is dead again.
= /

Do you have any other computer problems then this "Runtime Error" ?

A quick search with Google came up with this problem related to Virus/Malware infection

I only have this problem on my computer, sorry for the looong time to answer, I just remember of this crap when I need to use the MP3 tag = (
Does anyone know how to remove? I try to google some stuff about it, but not a 'REAL' answer...

Try to scan your system on viruses with freeware antivirus utilites, like
Dr.Web CureIt!
Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool
here or here

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