[X] Save Icon Doesn't Stay Greyed Out


After saving changes the Save icon changes from blue to grey. When I click OK it reverts to blue. It shouldn't be coloured (blue) until changes have been made that need to be saved. This is very confusing. I have saved again & again because I cannot trust the icon.


Please check your observation: as far as I can tell the Save icon is only grey (disabled) when no file is selected. It does not change colour after saving. It does change colour during saving but not afterwards if at least one file is selected.
I can see no "Ok" button but this could be due to my settings for messages.
Also, if you want to make a feature request please use the "General discussion" section.
In short: I do not see a bug.

The "dark blue floppy disk symbol" is the button for saving ...
and this button does not change its color for itself alone.
While the saving process is running, all dialog elements are set to grey, and at end usually a message window pops up with a text like "Tags in x of y Files saved". After pressing OK, all symbols and row selection state on the Mp3tag main screen are set back to their previous state.
Well, I am on WinXP.


Hi skywalka,

there's indeed no different icon state depending on whether you've made any changes or not. While it might be confusing if you're used to applications that report any pending changes via a different icon state, the background for this design decision is as follows:

Mp3tag can also be used to simply re-save the already existing tags without any changes to the tag's content. This is especially useful if you want to have a consistent ID3v2 version (e.g., ID3v2.3 with UTF-16 or ID3v2.4 with UTF-8) across all your MP3s or simply add an ID3v1 tag next to the ID3v2 tag, because your car's stereo system had lazy developers :wink:

Generally spoken, you can trust what you perceive. If you see the changes in Mp3tag after reloading the tags (which is done automatically after saving) or via the [Ctrl+T] keyboard shortcut, you can be pretty sure that they're correctly stored in the file.

Kind regards

OK. Thanks.

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