[X] Save mp3 tag on shared directory


I create a network directory on Z:\ ( share directory on a synology connected with 1G bandwitch)
which contains my mp3 files

I notice that if i change the coverart of more than 10 mp3 files, mp3tag can save only 80% of those. For the 20%, it told me :

Mp3tag v2.52

The file

"Z:_CD\Coldplay\Coldplay - Postcards From Far Away.mp3"
could not be opened for writing.

Do you want to continue?

Yes No

For information, if i retry to modify the cover art again on the files which could not be open (file by file), everything is ok.

Could you correct it or implement a solution (eg: put a N retry parameter in the "Option" menu ) ?
It would be great :smiley:

Thanks in advance

At first glance it looks like the workflow/access problem that has been reported a couple of times.
Check this out:
mp3tag hangs in Windows 7 64bit

OK I'll try and report result here ASAP, thank you

Any news on that?

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