[X] Save on a sharing directory


first thank you for maintaining MP3Tag, because it's the best freeware to do this :slight_smile:

I have a bug since few years, so I contact you.

I work with a NAS (Synology), so I treat my files over a sharing directory \\mynas\sharing\directory*.mp3

The writing of files failed randomly. How to reproduice :

1- Open a smb/cifs sharing \\mynas\sharing\directory\ (you can map as network connector on Z: if you want, the issue will be the same)
2- Select *.mp3 files, right clic > open with > MP3Tag
3- Select all mp3 files with ctrl+a
4- Right click on cover > delete
5- Save with CTRL-S : BUG ! :flushed:

If I save again the issue appear randomly on other files (3/10 failed for example)

If I copy all mp3 files on my local HDD, no issue.
Do you know why ?

Thank you !

This looks like the bug report in
from yesterday (it even has several rather similar words in it).

Please follow the advice given there first
(go to mp3tag hangs in Windows 7 64bit
then please report back, if it helped.

Issue is the same when I open the files from MP3Tag
But it works if I close the explorer window of my files and next write with MP3Tag :slight_smile:

Thank you for the feedback.
So it looks like the explorer is the culprit - and it is no MP3tag fault or bug ...
(or it is if MP3tag could lock the file during the whole editing process)

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